I've implemented Exalate linking on my development Jira instance and I'm ready to deploy it all to staging for user testing. Question: can I export the configuration (connections, triggers, etc) so I don't have to re-implement it all by hand? I ask because I have connections from a single Jira Service Manager project to eight different Jira projects. Each connection syncs anywhere from 12 to 60 fields and there are as many as 10 scripts in each connection. I really don't want to enter all that data again when the only change is the connection URL. I'd also like to have a backup in case something goes horribly wrong.

Is there a way to export Exalate configuration as XML or JSON or something?

Note: I found How to backup and restore Exalate's configuration in Jira? I would like to avoid making direct changes to the database, especially when it comes time to deploy to production. 

My instance is Jira Datacenter (on-prem) v8.20 with JSM and Exalate v5.3.9.

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