In Jira, we can select multiple values for the field “Components” but in ADO, we can only select one component value. Because of this, we will have an issue with Exalate synchronization if more than one value is selected from the picklist in Jira.

Will Exalate allow to have multiple component values in ADO? In order words, can scripts be updated such that all the values from Jira sync to the ADO components field once we add the “Multivalue control” extension?

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      I did a quick test

      • Setup a connection ExAD - ExJC
        (These are shorthands for Exalate for Azure Devops and Exalate for Jira Cloud)

      • Add a multivalue custom field 'Components' to the ADO configuration

      • Add following script to the incoming sync on the ADO side

           // Set type name from source entity, if not found set a default
           workItem.projectKey  =  "BugsRus"
           workItem.typeName = "Issue"
        workItem.summary      = replica.summary
        workItem.description  = replica.description
        workItem.attachments  = attachmentHelper.mergeAttachments(workItem, replica)
        workItem.comments     = commentHelper.mergeComments(workItem, replica)
        workItem.labels       = replica.labels
        workItem.priority     = replica.priority
        // Set the multivalue field
        workItem.Components   = "Legal;Operations"
      • Exalate an issue from JC to AD

      The result is 

      Interesting to see that non existing values (Legal and Operations) are automatically added to the dropdown.

      So to answer the question - can Exalate deal with the multivalue control on the AD side ... (plus)
      Of course - YMMV (your mileage might vary)
      Have a coffee.

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