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Hi, when changing a resolution, I don't see the new resolution being synced. Example:

1) Status = Done AND Resolution = X, then sync OK.

2) Change resolution (by setting the status again) to Y, then a sync is performed, but resolution remains X.

Incoming sync

def workflowMap = [ 
"Backlog" : "Backlog",
"In Progress" : "Backlog",
"to be verified" : "In Progress",
"Closed" : "Won't be resolved",
"Open" : "Under Review",
"Accepted" : "Under Review",
"Done" : "Fixed",
"Open" : "Backlog",

if ( != "Done" || replica.fixVersions?.size() > 0) {
Status.receive(useRemoteStatusByDefault = true, workflowMap, resolutionMapping = [:])

Outgoing sync

replica.resolution     = issue.resolution

Exalate version(s): 4.7.3-j8 and 4.7.3-j7

Anyone an idea what might cause this issue? Thanks!

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      Hi Berry,

      Looks like you are not mapping the resolution on your incoming sync. Could you try following this guide on how to sync resolution:

      Also, if you are running 4.7.3 or later, I would recommend sync status doing:

      def statusMap = ["Done": "Resolved", "In Progress": "In Action"] // ["remote status name": "local status name"]
      def remoteStatusName =
      issue.setStatus(statusMap[remoteStatusName] ?: remoteStatusName)

       No need to Status.groovy external script (smile)

      Best regards,


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