Hello, does someone maybe know how to sync Jira "Select List (Multiple Choice)" => Zendesk "multi-select dropdown"?

I found a similar case here ZD to Jira - multiselect dropdown Sync that works well but would also need a solution that works the other way around Jira "Select List (Multiple Choice)" => Zendesk "multi-select dropdown"

The mapping should happen based on Jira value to Zendesk value (tag).

I would appreciate it if someone could help! 

  1. Javier Pozuelo

    Hello Tomas,

    I will be working on the solution for this and will be updating you as soon as possible.


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    Figured it out:)) hope that someone will find it useful. 

    This scenario works when Jira outgoing label is commented.

    //replica.labels = issue.labels 

    and the additional script is added:

    replica.custom.Fields."Company" = issue.custom.Fields."Company"

    Code for ZD incoming:

    // Jira value title : ZD tag
    def companyMap = [
    "Company 1": "t_f_company_1",
    "Company 2": "t_f_company_2",
    "Company 3": "t_f_company_3",
    "Company 4": "t_f_company_4"

    // Check if the Jira issue has the 'Company' field populated
    def companyField = replica.customFields."Company"
    if (companyField&&companyField.value) {
    // Retrieve 'value' property from 'Company' field in Jira
    def jiraCompanyValues =companyField.value

    // Map Jira company values to ZD company values using the defined mapping
    def zendeskCompanyValues = jiraCompanyValues.collect { companyObject ->
    companyMap[companyObject.value] ?: companyObject.value
    }.findAll { it != null } // Filter out null values

    // Update ZD company field in current issue, ZD company field is referenced by ticket field ID 55555555
    issue.customFields."55555555".value = zendeskCompanyValues
    } else {
    // If 'Company' field is not populated or doesn't exist, set Zendesk company field to null
    issue.customFields."55555555".value = null

    1. Javier Pozuelo

      Hi Tomas,

      I'm glad you figured it out. Thanks for providing the answer!

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