Hello! I'm attempting to update the script for our Jira and Salesforce integration through Exalate. I was asked to update the script to include the Epic for our records called 'Tech Items' to sync over. However, I'm getting the following error.

Error Detail Message: Project key is not set. You need to set a project key in the Sync Rules for {0} connection.

I'm not sure where to look or how to set the Project Key. My Code is below with */# used for privacy purposes. What am I missing?

Exalate Incoming Sync to Jira:

if (firstSync) {
    issue.projectKey = replica.JiraProjectKey__c
    issue.typeName = "***"
    if (replica.JiraProjectKey__c == "****" || replica.JiraProjectKey__c == "***") {
        // Set default Epic Link 
        issue.parentId = '######'
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      Hi Kaleigh,

      As far as I understand, you can't directly assigned a string to the Jira projectKey field. You'll have to use the nodeHelper: getProject | Exalate Documentation.

      On Jira incoming script, I'm using the syntax:

      issue.projectKey = nodeHelper.getProject(replica.projectKey)?.key.toString()



      1. Kaleigh Garcia

        Thank you! I figured it out. I was misunderstanding the error. It was related to a record rather than my code. 

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