We would like to know whether we can sync a ticket between multiple instances (3 or more),

  • Master instance A,
  • Application Instance B,
  • DevOps Instance C

Master instance A will have connectivity between B & C and there is no direct connectivity from B to C.

So whenever B assign ticket to C, it should go through A and A should be able to see status of the tickets.

And how could we build it out to D, E, F etc in future…

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      Yes this should be very possible with the following config:

      • A connected to B
      • A connected to C
      • C updates a ticket and that syncs to A. 
        • A will have a trigger to send this ticket to B based on some business logic. 

      Now in such a configuration you need to clearly think out what happens when B updates this ticket. The updates will flow to the ticket on A, and subsequently on to C. Is this what you are looking to achieve? If not, we can filter out updates to only send relevant ones to C. 

      Please let me know if this answers your question. 



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