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Any field in Jira can be added to the view as a Column and exported as a .csv or .xls or .html file.

But the Exalate link (that shows the issue link from other Jira instance) can neither be selected in the List view nor exported.

We required this information, to be able to report the reference Jira tickets?

Also, why do I have to click on 'Open Exalate' to view the linked peer Jira reference, why doesn't it show it always by default?

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      This is not supported.  An alternative, which works as well  is to have a customfield containing the information you  would like to report on.

      Steps can be

      • Create a custom field 'remoteLink' of type single line text and add it to the project configuration
        Ensure that the wiki renderer is enabled
      • Add in your incoming sync following line of code

      issue.customFields.remoteLink.value = "[${replica.key}|https://yourtarget/browse/${replica.key}]"

      This will populate the custom field with a link to the remote issue, and it can be included in the issue navigator.

      1. Sainath chavatapalli

        Hi Francis,

        Thanks for the workaround.

        Would this populate the 'remoteLink' customfield of existing "Synched Issues" or just for the new issues coming in?

      2. Francis Martens (iDalko)

        Only for the new ones.

        How many issues do you have under sync (you can use the under_sync JQL function)

        issue in under_sync()
      3. Sainath chavatapalli

        Hi Francis,

        issue in under_sync() doesn't work for me: Error - "Unable to find JQL function 'under_sync()'."

        But I know we have 27 issues already synched so far

        how could we update this for existing issues?

      4. Francis Martens (iDalko)

        Ah - you are on cloud?

        Can you update it manually - it will be much faster than creating an automation, validating and running ...

      5. Sainath chavatapalli

        Thanks Francis,

        I can see the new ones working as expected with links,

        I will update the existing tickets manually.

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