Hello Community,

I have added new states in both sites Jira & DevOps, and want to map these new states, but the states is only visible on the local site (eg. DevOps). If I then go to Jira, I can only see the states I have added i Jira and not the states I added in DevOps. The states are avaliable when you open the state from the workitem on both DevOps and Jira

New steps could be:

DevOps:                                        Jira

Ready for re-test (SBH)   <==>   In QA SBH

Ready for re-test (DXC)   <==>   In QA DXC

Any suggestions to solve this issue

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      Here are the steps you can follow:

      1. Leave this current connection as it is
      2. Create new connection with Jira and DevOps instances
      3. Load the status in new connection 
      4. Go to the previous connection which was not showing the statues
      5. If the statues are there in old/previous connection, delete the new connection created in step 2
      6. This is the workaround because sometimes new fields values are not loaded in old connections and if you will create the new connection the new fields values will come 

      Let me know if this works for you or not or in case of any other concerns.



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