We have 2 JIRA instances : 

  • 1 JIRA DC SD&SW On-Premise
  • 1 JIRA SD Cloud 

Both have a similar Insight/Asset Schema with objects having a particular attributes that contain a "business key" to for identified same object.

My question is : What's the best way to sync insight field with object having the same attribute "business key" in both instance ?

Thx in advance for your help !

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      Hi Pierre-Jean Constant 

      Thank you for connecting with us and apologies for the delayed response. We are now working on the community questions in order to address the scenario which are out of the normal sync rules. 

      Please refer to this article in order to sync the insight fields: 

      I hope you will find it useful. 



      1. Pierre-Jean Constant

        I don't think it's out of normal sync rules because you refer to your own article that is doing the job for On-Premise instance ... Then the explanation should be relevant for Jira Cloud instance too ... I'm wrong ?


        Pierre-Jean Constant.

      2. Pierre-Jean Constant

        I agree but that code is to sync Asset fields between On-Premise instances ... What i need is the way to do it from On-Premise to Jira Cloud instance ... 

      3. Javier Pozuelo

        Hello Pierre-Jean,

        Unfortunately, assets fields cannot be synced across Jira instances. You can vote for this item in the product portal if you want this functionality to be implemented. https://portal.productboard.com/tusikov7qsegytqouagykwjr/c/28-sync-asset-configuration-items-cis-in-jira.


        Javier Pozuelo

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