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We have migrated in Apr.2022 to our Jira Cloud instance (Prod Env):
That instance is used mainly by the SW Projects (regular Jira Software Projects) and JSM for External Customers as well.
This instance is available for everyone at Qontigo and external Customers.

Also, we have another Jira Cloud instance (Prod Env as well):
That instance is mainly used for the IT Team, to receive their Support Tickets from Qontigo Internal End Users through JSM.
This instance is available for IT Team and Qontigo End Users as JSM Agents.

We tried to link the 2 Cloud instances through App Links and worked.

However, we are not able to view/see the content of the Jira Tickets of one instance in the other nor vice versa.
Atlassian Support Engineer (Diego Leitao) suggested using “Exalate Jira Issue sync and more”.

Say that we purchase Exalate.

  1. Can we not only refer the Tickets from both different Cloud Sites but also see/consult the Tickets' content?
  2. It would allow ready-only access from both Cloud sites?
  3. Or can we make changes depending on the rights of that Cloud site?

Can you help us and shed some light on this integration please?

Thanks in advance!
Kind regards.

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      May you please add the outgoing and the incoming script for the connection made.

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