We are using this method to connect and sync back issues from a private (EXT jira) to public (INT jira)
we located this method in EXT env post function of create transition before re-index and fire event created.

void triggerConnectForIssue(String localIssueKey, String remoteIssueKey, String connectionName) {
    log.debug("\n in triggerConnectForIssue for localIssueKey: " + localIssueKey + " connectionName: " + connectionName)

    syncInitiationService.connect(localIssueKey, remoteIssueKey, connectionName, false, false, false, true)


the thing is that when the issue is being created in EXT the sync back to INT is not occurring.
but only for issues created via exalate trigger and not manually.

  1. Serhiy Onyshchenko

    Hello, Bat Sheva Chen ,
    Looking at the snippet, I assume that when a certain transition is made on EXT side, Exalate is supposed to start a connect operation from EXT to INT, and then a sync back is supposed to happen from INT to EXT.
    Might I ask you to clarify: is it that sync back is not happening from INT to EXT, or is it EXT to INT?
    Regards, Serhiy.

  2. Bat Sheva Chen

    Hey Serhiy Onyshchenko Thanks for your answer,
    I used the wrong term syncBack is working fine. I meant that there was no exalate trigger of update issue occurring from EXT to INT after the issue in EXT has been created meaning..
    CUS → EXT sync data is fine
    EXT→ INT data is not being sent after using connect function as I mentioned above.

    I want to try to add to my script force trigger exalate update or something like that.. any idea?
    I used  iEventSchedulerService.scheduleSyncEventForConnectedIssue(currentKey, twinTrace.connection)
    but it didn't trigger an exalate event.

  3. Serhiy Onyshchenko

    Aha, so the full use case is that there's an Exalate from
    CUS → EXT (tick)
    Then there's this connect trigger from EXT → INT (error) which does not send the data.

    Regarding this point:
    EXT→ INT data is not being sent after using connect function:
    Ext is supposed to push an update to INT or is INT supposed to sync back data to EXT ?

    Regards, Serhiy.

  4. Bat Sheva Chen

    Serhiy Onyshchenko Ext supposed to push an update to INT 

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