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We have an urgent issue with the Exalate app. You can see that one of the comments posted by the Exalate connections is placed as "Public" meaning this had been e-mailed to a customer. They should always be internal. Can you help with the script on this matter, see what needs to be changed to make this work well? We didn’t change anything on this matter. Can you help with the script for this?

  1. Francis Martens (iDalko)


    Your configuration has been working for more than a year.  Something changed.
    Can you provide the incoming sync script



  2. Frank Nugteren

    Francis Martens (iDalko) this is the incoming Sync Script: 

    if ("Closed".equalsIgnoreCase(issue.status.name)) return
    issue.summary      = replica.summary
    issue.description  = replica.description ?: "No description"
    //issue.labels       = replica.labels
    issue.attachments  = attachmentHelper.mergeAttachments(issue, replica)
    issue.comments = commentHelper.mergeComments(issue, replica, {
      comment ->
        comment.internal = true
    //throw new Exception ("Ticket tags - ${issue.labels}")
    // keep track of the number of comments that have been created before the sync
    if (! issue.customFields."360054517374"?.value) {
        issue.customFields."360054517374".value = replica.customKeys."Skip Comments"
    } else {
        issue.status = nodeHelper.getStatus("open")
    issue.customFields."360055524373".value = replica.resolution?.name
    // keep track of the number of attachments that have been created before the sync
    if (! issue.customFields."360054517354"?.value) {
        issue.customFields."360054517354".value = replica.customKeys."Skip Attachments"
    //Receive a Custom Field value
    //issue.customFields."CF Name".value = replica.customFields."CF Name".value
    Status Synchronization
    Sync status according to the mapping [remote issue status: local issue status]
    If statuses are the same on both sides don't include them in the mapping
    def statusMapping = ["Open":"New", "To Do":"Open"]
    def remoteStatusName = replica.status.name
    issue.setStatus(statusMapping[remoteStatusName] ?: remoteStatusName)
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    I hope you are doing great! You may review the documentation below.


    If after this you still have any further question do not hesitate to contact us back.

    Kind regards,

    Harold Cruz

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