I am still having issues with custom field syncing. I managed to sync custom fields from Jira cloud to Azure devops using the ID in the outgoing sync and the following line in incoming:

workItem.summary = replica.customFields."10225"?.value

But then I have tried all sorts of versions of getting a regular field from Jira cloud to a custom field in ADO. The documentation on this can be quite confusing because I am never sure which documentation to use since you have no examples of between systems sync. This would be really helpful and if you do have this please share.

So on ADO side I have found that
workItem.summary = replica.summary //works for regular field to regular field
workItem.description = replica.customFields."10226"?.value //works for custom field to regular field

but how do I do regular field to custom field in incoming ADO? I have tried
workItem.customFields."Custom.Originalsummary".value = replica.summary
but this always gives error: Cannot set property 'value' on null object

and I would also really like to know how to do custom field to custom field. I have tried
workItem.customFields."Custom.Type".value = replica.customFields."10225"?.value //error: Cannot set property 'value' on null object
workItem.customKeys."Custom.Originaldescription".value = replica.customFields."10225"?.value ////error: Cannot set property 'value' on null object

Do I need to do some combination on customKeys and customfields in the incoming on ADO side as well as the outgoing? I simply do not understand this so any documentation would be appreciated.

Best regards, Jónheiður

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      I figured this our from another answer here on the forum. It seems that in incoming script on ADO side it enough run this to add value to a custom field:

      workItem."Custom.Originalsummary" = replica.summary

      The Custom.NameOfField you can get from Edit field > Options tab in the field configuration for your ADO process.

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