We used to have two identical workflows synced between cloud and server. We synced them with the node helper and code:


Recently the cloud status have started to differ from server but we do not want to copy them in server. So we added:

def statusMap = [
       // "remote status name": "local status name"
         "REWORK" : "In Progress"
def remoteStatusName = replica.status.name
issue.setStatus(statusMap[remoteStatusName] ?: remoteStatusName)

The issues sync fine but we get errors:

Script error for issue XXX-1292. Details: Can not find status `REWORK` in workflow `TEST Advanced Workflow. Please review whether `TEST Adv...

Is the statusMap incompatible with the Status.receive(), is it trying to map the status twice? Do we have to do everything now with the statusMap?

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