I have the following requirement.

Need input to sync linked issues between two projects in exalate.

We have two projects named as DAR and OEM and both projects issuetype as "SRT Event".

we are using same connection(one instance) to sync between two projects.

Example: DAR ->OEM sync

  1. We are syncing DAR-1 issues to OEM side, the new record OEM-1 will be created.
  2. After we linked one "Defect" Issuetype (DAR-2) issues to DAR-1 issues, the record (DAR-2) should also sync to OEM-1 issues as well.

we have tried below code, sync is not happening.
please assist.

replica.issueLinks = issue.issueLinks
issue.issueLinks = replica.issueLinks


Moogambigai G R

  1. Ariel Aguilar

    Hi there,

    Maybe you can try to follow: https://docs.idalko.com/exalate/x/zIKKAg

    Kind regards,


  2. Moogambigai G R

    Hi Ariel Aguilar 

    Thanks for the documentation. We will try this solution. could you please confirm the below point.

    • In documentation, first point is to add the .groovy file into the scripts directory. It will impact any other groovy scripts or script runner?


    Moogambigai G R

  3. Daniel Carvajal

    Hi Moogambigai G R 

    No there shouldn't be any problem to implement the issue links script, as for script runner its hard to tell depending on your implementation, generally speaking if there is no issue link handling by the script runner there shouldn't be any problem.

    We strongly recommend to have a testing/staging environment to test everything prior implementation.

    Kind regards,


  4. Moogambigai G R

    Hi Daniel Carvajal 

    We have tried the steps as per in documentation, but issue link sync is not happening in remote side.

    Can we setup a call to look into detail?

    We are available from 10:30 AM IST - 9:00 PM IST

    Please share your convenient time.


    Moogambigai G R

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