We want to sync some SalesForce system fields (i.e. CaseNumber) to a Jira custom field (i.e. "Case Number").

Following the documentation gives us the following entry in Jira Incoming:

issue.customFields."Case Number".value = replica.customFields."CaseNumber".value

With the following in Salesforce Outgoing:

replica.customFields."Case Number" = issue.customFields."CaseNumber"

This results in an error in SalesForce
No such property: issue for class: Script218

If we change SalesForce Outgoing to:

replica.customFields."Case Number" = entity.customFields."CaseNumber"

This results in an error at the Jira destination:
Cannot get property 'value' on null object

Finally, if I use:

replica.customFields."Case Number" = entity."CaseNumber"

We finally start to see the expected value (Case # 00001143), but it's an error in Salesforces outgoing:

Unexpected error occurred. The customfield `Case Number` was assigned to `value=00001143 class=java.lang.String`, but it should have been set to a custom field object Generate an exalate support.zip file and contact support.

  1. Ariel Aguilar

    Maybe you can try:

    Salesforce Outgoing:

    replica.entity."CaseNumber" = entity."CaseNumber"

    Jira incoming:

    issue.customFields."Case Number".value = replica.entity."CaseNumber".value

    Let me know if this works for you.

    Kind regards,


  2. Justin

    Hi Ariel,

    Unfortunately the above results in this error on the outgoing Salesforce side:

    Error Detail Message:

    Cannot set property 'CaseNumber' on null object

    I also tried the following for good measure; same error. 

    replica.entity."Case Number" = entity."CaseNumber"

    Thank you,

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