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We have Jira to Jira connection where we are facing errors when issue is created where is validator set to Team field must be populated. 

We need to set Team field to Default value.

This is not working for us :

issue.customFields."Team".value = "Team Name"

As we dont know what type is Team field can Exalate help us with code to set Team field a default value to not faced errors?

Thanks for help

  1. Serhiy Onyshchenko

    Hello, Michal Sitkey .
    Is this for Jira on-premise or Jira Cloud?

  2. Michal Sitkey

    Jira is server version (no Cloud)

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2 answers


    Hey Michal Sitkey ,

    Which doc were you referring to when writing this script?

    This doc might help you > How to Set Default Values in a Custom Field.

    1. Michal Sitkey

      Yes im trying with this, but Team field is specific from Jira Roadmaps and also type of this field is Team field type in custom fields. Than i dont know what to choose and how to set default value for this field.

    2. Jose Lobo

      What type of field is it? (free text, select list, radio button, checkbox)

    3. Michal Sitkey

      Its reason why im writing this question. Team field is from Jira Roadmaps addon and in custom fields tab have custom field type TEAM ...Nothing from these what you write.

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    Team field is from Jira Roadmaps plugin.

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