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We need to sync also the epic link in the visual mode but there is no given option for that, so we need to have a script for the visual mode. Any ideas?

  1. Ariel Aguilar

    Hi there,

    If it's important to keep the relation on parent tasks and their sub-tasks. You may want to try adding the following additional script:

    if(firstSync && replica.parentId){
        issue.typeName     = "Sub-task" //Make sure to use the right subtask type here.
        def localParent = nodeHelper.getLocalIssueFromRemoteId(replica.parentId.toLong())
            issue.parentId =
        } else {
           throw new com.exalate.api.exception.IssueTrackerException("Subtask cannot be created: parent issue with remote id " + replica.parentId + " was not found. Please make sure the parent issue is synchronized before resolving this error" )

    Here is information on how to add the external script, but we usually suggest when getting to this advanced configuration to move to Script based connection instead of Visual:

    Kind regards,


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    Great! it works wounderful!

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      Hello, SDGTLS .
      Please try adding an
      Epic Name <> Epic Name
      Mapping and then the following script after it:

      if (executionInstanceName == "SCRUMB") { // SCRUM -> SCRUMB
          // assign fix versions from SCRUM to SCRUMB
          issue.fixVersions = replica
            // ensure that all the fixVersions are available on SCRUMB
            .collect { v -> nodeHelper.createVersion(issue,, v.description) }
          if(replica."Epic Link"){
             def await = { f -> scala.concurrent.Await$.MODULE$.result(f, scala.concurrent.duration.Duration$.MODULE$.Inf()) }
              def orNull = { opt -> opt.isDefined() ? opt.get() : null }
              //getTwinTraceByRelationAndRemoteIssueUrnFuture(connection: IConnection, remoteIssueUrn: String, entityType: String): Future[Option[ITwinTrace]]
              def localEpicTt = orNull(await(syncHelper.twinTraceRepository.getTwinTraceByRelationAndRemoteIssueUrnFuture(connection, replica."Epic Link".getAsString(), 'issue')))
              def localEpic = localEpicTt?.localReplica?.issueKey
              //debug.error("localEpicTt=`${localEpicTt}` replica.'Epic Link'=`${replica."Epic Link"}`")
                  issue."Epic Link" = localEpic.urn
          } else if (issue."Epic Link") {
              issue."Epic Link" = null

      Here's the video showing how it works:

      Happy Exalating!

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