Hi all,

I'm syncing bi-directionally between Jira Cloud and Github. Currently, we use regex to manually convert some aspects of comment/description formatting between the two. This takes a lot of time and doesn't always work well.

I found a page in Exalate's documentation about syncing formatting between these platforms. However, I've run into a number of errors, despite following the doc instructions. I know the page says "This page is being revised as it is not accurate with the underlying tracker." Could you please provide an ETA as to when this revision will occur?

Errors I'm experiencing:

- In the outgoing connection from Jira Cloud, I'm getting a NullPointerException from this code:

replica.comments = nodeHelper.getHtmlComments(replica)

I wound up amending it to:

try {
   // prepare to convert HTML to GitHub markdown
   replica.comments = nodeHelper.getHtmlComments(replica)
} catch(Exception ex) {

- The formatting still isn't translated correctly, even with all of the functions mentioned in the docs added to incoming and outgoing connectors for both Jira and GH. For example, here's the original comment in Jira:

And here's how it appears in GitHub:

    CommentAdd your comment...