We use Exalate to sync between Jira Cloud and GitHub. We store our Exalate scripts in a git repo so they can be safely maintained and tested. Currently, scripts need to be copy/pasted from the git repo to Exalate's UI. Is there any documentation on ways to update the Exalate scripts by REST API? (It would be ideal to also retrieve the current scripts stored in Exalate, but that's a lower priority.)

Through looking at the calls made in Jira Cloud when updating a script through the UI, it seems this endpoint will update the scripts: 

PUT: https://<site>exalate.cloud/rest/issuehub/4.0/connections/scripts

	// outgoing sync
    "dataFilter": "script goes here with \n for new lines and escaped quotes",
    // incoming sync
	"incomingProcessor": "incoming sync script goes here with same escaping",
    // unsure what these represent
	// they don't seem to be displayed or affect the front-end
	// these can be set to "" but must be provided
	"changeProcessor": "",
    "createProcessor": ""

However, as mentioned in the comments in the block above, we are unsure what all of the fields in the data are used for.

Any advice from the Exalate team would be appreciated!

  1. Ariel Aguilar

    Hi Shir,

    I believe there are some security restrictions. Therefore, I am investigating and will confirm with you if it's possible. At the moment, no documentation is available for this purpose.

    Kind regards,


  2. Shir Goldberg

    Thanks, Ariel! Understandable there's no official documentation available, but if the Exalate team would be willing to confirm what these four data fields are used for anyway, we would really appreciate it (smile) 

  3. Callen Barton

    Any update on this?

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