We are planning to split our current instance into two JIRA instances. One will be a JIRA core which will contain all customer raised issues. The other one will be JIRA software with development issues. 

To connect the support issues with the development issues we like to start using Exalate from Idalko. 

In a test environment, I have to one to one issue synchronization up and running. 

Now we have the following situation. Multiple customers will report the same bug. As customers will not be able to see each other's cases this will result in multiple support issues describing the same problem. We like to Exalate only one of those issues to the development team and somehow connect all the other support issues to the same development issue. Once the development issue is being resolved, all those support issues need to be updated as well. 

Does someone have a solution for this use case? 

Thanks for looking into this.


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      Hi Laura,

      Good question - thanks for asking.

      We suggest using the same approach:  Exalate the first ticket (call it the master ticket) and link all the other tickets (which are related to master), using a standard 'Relates' issue link to the master ticket.  All synchronization is done between the master ticket and the issue on the development side.

      The following code is the change processor, which will transition all the related issues to 'Done', whenever the remote issue has a resolution set

      Check the code here

      Let me know if this helps.

      Some related documentation

      1. Laura Snoeij

        Hi Francis, 

        Thank you for the update. 

        What if we like the "master issue" to be the development issue? 

        In this case, we know where to search for existing issues instead of trying to find duplicated issues in the support projects.


      2. user-3fd1a

        The development issue is residing on another system, and transitioning the child issues is much more difficult over system borders

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