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I'm having a CentOS VM provisioned for Exalate for HP ALM/QC.  My security team needs to know what ports it needs to use for NAT setup.  Can someone provide all the default ports used by the Exalate software?

The VM is in our DMZ.  A remote Jira system will send data to it, and it will relay the info to an HP ALM internal-only server.

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      If the Jira is accessible from the HP side, you can setup a private/public connection such that no ports need to be opened.

      Check Private / Public issue synchronization for more details.

      1. Francis Martens (iDalko)

        In case that this is not a solution.

        On Jira - access to the REST endpoints is on the same port as JIra.
        On HP - access to the REST endpoints is by default on port 9002, but that can be adapted.

      2. JimK

        After struggling with the configuration, the login to the app stopped working.  I don’t know if it ever worked, but in the app log, I see 401 errors. 

        The original credentials I used were being rejected, so I tried to reset the application by reinstalling it.  I removed the app with “Yum remove” and deleted the “/opt/hpqcnode”, “/etc/init.d/hpqcnode”, and “/etc/sysconfig/hpqcnode” directories.

        Upon reinstalling the app, it automatically recognized the same configuration I used previously, and it was still unable to log in. 

        How do I remove any remnants of the previous setup to restart the process?

      3. Francis Martens (iDalko)

        Would you consider docker?

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