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we're syncing a project in our local Jira Server instance with a project on a remote Jira Server instance and came across the following question:

when I unexalate a local issue in a script is there a way to set a mark on the remote issue that it has been unexalated like changing the status from "Synchronized" to "Unexalated"?

Of course, writing a comment or adding something like UNEXALATED to the title would be a fallback option. I was just wondering whether there is a way which is more obviouse to a remote user.

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      An approach is to unexalate from the other side.

      Whenever the local issue gets into a state that needs to be unexalated, send this information to the other side  by using a customKey

      Local - Outgoing - untested
      replica.customKeys.doUnexalate = "Yes"

      On the remote side use the syncHelper.unexalateAfterProcessing to unExalate the twin

      Incoming sync | Remote | Untested
      if (replica.customKeys.doUnexalate == "Yes"){
          issue.customFields.isUnexalated.value = "Unexalated on ..." 

      Note that the unexalateAfterProcessing is not yet arrived on the  Exalate for Jira On Premise (that's somewhere on the backlog).  Check following snippet for a workaround

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