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    Hi Calvin

    As per our previous conversation, we can see that you are using our documentation to accomplish your workflow transition (

    We see you are using you are using the same code for the incoming script on both sides:

    // the transitionmap maps remote statuses to transitions which needs to be activated locally
    def transitionMap = [
      "Waiting for support":"Waiting for support",
      "In Queue":"In Queue",
      "Under Review":"Under Review",
      "In Progress":"In Progress",
      "Escalate to Project":"Escalate to Project",
      "Won't Do":"Won't Do",
    /* transition the issue to the corresponding status. 
    ** If the remote status is null or the status is not found in the map,
    ** add a comment to the issue such that the configuration can be adapted.
    if (replica.status == null || == null ||
        transitionMap.get( == null) {
      issue.comments = commentHelper.addComment("Remote status "+replica.status?.name+" is unknown or cannot be mapped - can't handle it", issue.comments)
    } else {
      workflowHelper.transition(issue, transitionMap.get(

    This configuration you used works if every transition in the workflow is a global transition

    The error stated in the screenshot  indicates that there is a "global = false" statement.

    Status Error
    Invalid transition :Transition

    {id='null', name='Escalate to Project', from=null, to=null, global=false}

    Please check if that is the case, also you may want to check if using static transitions is something you would like to implement,

    Kind regards,


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