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At the moment, when we need to sync from JIRA Cloud to Azure DevOPS, we use the Exalate buttons on the issue.  This is a very manual process.

To overcome this, we have setup a trigger

project = PMA AND Organizations = Pembroke AND issuetype not in subTaskIssueTypes() AND "Payment Mechanism" in (SLA, License, Project) AND issuetype in (Story, Incident, Task) AND "SFDC Case Number[Short text]" is EMPTY and "Sync with Hamilton DevOPS[Checkboxes]" is not EMPTY

The idea here is that only tickets that match the following conditions are automatically Exalated

  • Project = PMA
  • Organisation = Pembroke
  • IssueType is not a SubTaskIssueType
  • Payment Mechanism is in (SLA, License, Project)
  • IssueType is in (Story, Incident, Task)
  • SFDC Case Number is EMPTY (we use this field to hold the Azure DevOPS key once sync'd)
  • Sync with Hamilton DevOPS = Yes (or not EMPTY)

Thus only tickets we mark to be sync'd will go through.

We updated one ticket to meet all these conditions and verified via JQL that this is the only one listed

But nothing happens.  The ticket is not syncing.

Is there a time delay? Or something that would prevent it from Syncing?

Nothing in Sync logs

Nothing in Errors

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      Seems it was a massive time delay ... took about 30min to trigger

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        Hi Charlie Schonken

        Did you update the issue?
        What happens is 

        • Issue is updated
        • Jira Cloud emits a webhook to the exalate app
        • The exalate app checks if the issue is matching the trigger (and not yet under sync for that connection)
        • The exalate triggers

        As long as you don't touch the issue, there will be no sync happening.

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