I've raised a support question/improvement request 2 years ago about making the exalate post-function parametric somehow. Is it still on the backlog?



  1. Serhiy Onyshchenko

    Hello, Aggelos Paraskevopoulos, might I ask you for some more details: I'd like to have more keywords to look it up?
    What is is that you want to do?
    Or alternatively, your EASE request key would do as well (smile)

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    Aggelos Paraskevopoulos

    2 years - that's a long wait - and certainly nothing we are known for.  

    We closed the backlog item a long time ago, as there is a workaround (we think).  We just failed to properly communicate.

    The trigger functionality should fill in where the postfunction leaves a gap.
    A trigger can exalate any issue which matches a set of conditions.  The transition can ensure that these conditions are met.

    For instance - you could have a customfield 'Destination', which is set in a transition.
    The trigger associated to 'Destination A', would then start the pairing process (exalate) towards Destination A ...

    1. Aggelos Paraskevopoulos

      Hi Francis Martens (Exalate),

      Thanks for the quick followup. Indeed triggers seem like a valid approach and were indeed suggested by you back then. A problem I see is in case of unexalatation, we should have a way to unset the field, to avoid subsequent accidental exalation. Someone unexalating should remember to clear it, no? Through an extra transition or in edit screen (this might open up other possibilities for other accidents). Corner cases one could argue of course.

    2. Francis Martens (Exalate)


      • The unexalate can be done on a transition, which clears the field
      • A successful escalation, can be confirmed by setting a second custom field (such as 'Do not exalate again ...')
        The trigger can then exclude these

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