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Is there a way to  hide exalate button/field for projects that are not using exalate  on Atlassian Jira Cloud instance

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      Hi David

      Unfortunately, at least for now, it is not possible to hide buttons only for specific group of users or to be limited by projects. However, there are a couple of ways to configure a much less intrusive way to initiate sync for an issue.

      1. Use an Exalate Trigger:
      2. In a nut-shell an Exalate Trigger works the following way: whenever an issue is created or updated, it is checked against every Exalate Trigger's JQL query - if the issue matches the query, then it will be put under sync
      3. Use Workflow screens with either an Exalate Trigger or an Exalate Post-Function:
      4. In this option you would need to adapt your workflow, then allowing you to hide transition which would start synchronization from certain users using transition conditions.

      Kind regards.


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