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I am trying to set-up the SCOPE of a Connection FROM AZURE DEVOPS TO Jira Cloud.

I can see all my AZURE DEVOPS Projects, but I cannot see all JIRA CLOUD projects, only a select few.

I am administrator of AZURE DEVOPS and of our JIRA ACCOUNT, so I am 100% sure I am not missing any permissions.

I have already successfully created a connection between 2 other projects, and I am trying to create a new connection between other 2 projects.

so: is there a restriction that would show some JIRA projects but hide others?

What do I need to change in the JIRA project to make it visible from AZURE DevOps?

Is there something I am missing?

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      Hi Julio

      If the access to the projects is fine, then we can suggest the following:

      When you click on the dropdown to select the project if you have many projects the list will extend down until you scroll to the bottom, it will not load all the projects immediately.

      Once you reach the bottom of the list then it will take a couple seconds to load more projects, the more you scroll and hold at the bottom you will be able to see more and more projects.

      Hope you find this helpful.

      Best Regards.


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