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We need to populate the custom Zendesk Field called:

T Applications from a ServiceNow Field called "product_name" to a Zendesk custom field called "T Applications" 

The below example is from SN "CS1234567"   and Zendesk "1234"

Incoming data from ServiceNow looks like this:

    "location_street_address": "1521 Pier J Avenue",
    "impact": "2 - Medium",
    "location_confluence_page": "",
    "cause": "",
    "location_state": "CA",
    "product_name": "EDI",
    "close_notes": "",
    "account_is_affiliate": "true",
    "number": "CS1234567",

The incoming Sync on the Zendesk looks like this:

//issue.customFields."T Applications".value = replica.t_application
issue.customFields."T Applications".value = replica.product_name

def productMap = [
"Buoy" : "Buoy",
"Zendesk" : "Zendesk",


def t = productMap[replica."product_name"]
//def productName = productMap[replica.product_name] ?: replica.product_name
issue.customFields."t Applications".value = t //productName // commented out because this line is only blanking out the application field
//debug.error("t = ${replica."product_name"}, result = ${t_application}")
//debug.error("Priority = ${}")

But the Application never populates.

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      Champ Yarbrough

      Your Exalate for Zendesk environment is pinned on an old version, where there was a problem populating dropdown lists.
      We are lifting this question in our support channel - and will be handling the upgrade to the new version there.

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