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Can we map Sprint field of One Jira with Custom field of Another Jira. I have tried this in Visual Mode but unfortunately it is not possible.

I have tried writing the following 2 different scripts still I was not able to Map those fields.

  1. "MyJIRA.issue.systemFields."Sprint".1 = RemoteJIRA.issue.customFields."SIT Sprint".SIT0"

  2. "MyJIRA.issue."Sprint".1 = RemoteJIRA.issue.customFields."SIT Sprint".SIT0"

Is there any possibility to meet my requirement. Thanks in Advance.


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      Hi Madhu,

      If you want to synchronize the RemoteJira's custom field value into the Sprint field in MyJira, this line would do it:

      MyJira.issue.customFields.Sprint?.value = RemoteJira.issue.customFields."SIT Sprint"?.value

      If you want it the other way around, that the RemoteJira's customField is populated with the value of MyJira's Sprint field, then it would be:

      RemoteJira.issue.customFields."SIT Sprint"?.value = MyJira.issue.customFields.Sprint?.value

      I know the "Sprint" is a system field, but in the Exalate logic we store that field in the custom Fields so the lines above should work. 

      Let me know if this answers your questions.



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        Hi Madhu, 

        To map the following use-case:

        Field One --> “Dev Sprint” with values 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 .
        Field two --> “Test Sprint” with values Test1, Test2, Test3, Test4.

        1 = Test1
        2 = Test2
        3 = Test3
        4 = Test4

        Please try the sync rules below.

        Incoming sync on the side which has Dev Sprint:

        def testSprintToDevSprint =
        def devSprint = testSprintToDevSprint.find {k, _ -> 
        k.equalsIgnoreCase(replica.customFields."Test Sprint"?.value?.value)}
        if (devSprint) {
        issue.customFields."Dev Sprint".value = devSprint

        Incoming sync on the side which has TestSprint

        def devSprintToTestSprint =
        def testSprint = devSprintToTestSprint.find {k, _ -> 
        k.equalsIgnoreCase(replica.customFields."Dev Sprint"?.value?.value)}
        if (testSprint) {
        issue.customFields."Test Sprint".value = testSprint

        Hope this helps.

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