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There are cases where the comments we make on our internal JIRA are for internal engineer discussion that do not need to be exalated to the cloud for cloud users to see. e.g. customer. If we restrict those comments to a specific group on internal JIRA we dont want them to be sync'd or pushed over to the cloud.

How can we accomplish this?

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      Hi Ariel,

      Here is a documentation link on how to manage comment visibility using Exalate:

      With Exalate, you'll be able to manage the visibility of the comments you send or receive, whether it be by user Role Level, Group Level, or Internal/Public in the case of Service Desk issues.

      Here are some examples:

      Send only the comments that are not for a specific Role Level:

      Outgoing Sync:

      replica.comments = issue.comments.findAll { it.roleLevel != "dev" }

      Send only the comments that are not for a specific Group Level:

      Outgoing Sync:

      replica.comments = issue.comments.findAll { it.groupLevel != "jira-developers" }

      Send only public comments (Jira Service Desk)

      Outgoing Sync:

      replica.comments = issue.comments.findAll { !it.internal }



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