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We are syncing work items "Bugs" from Azure DevOps to Jira Cloud.
We are able to sync most of the fields successfully.
However we are not able to sync "Repro Steps" field in Azure DevOps.
We want to sync field "Repro Steps" in Azure DevOps to the field "Description" in Jira cloud.

Current Outgoing Sync in Azure DevOps is as per follows:
replica.description = workItem.customKeys."Repro Step"

Incoming Sync in Jira cloud is as per follows:
issue.description = replica.description

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      Managed to start the sync by using the following configuration:

      replica.description = workItem."Microsoft.VSTS.TCM.ReproSteps"

      However, the result includes HTML tags in Jira, so tried to remove the tags using the following Configuration:

      replica.description = nodeHelper.stripHtml(workItem."Microsoft.VSTS.TCM.ReproSteps")

      Since the Repro Steps in ADOPS are a sort of a table with the test steps and expected results, the resultant text is sort of mess like this:

      2/3/2021 11:28 AM Bug filed on "Dashboard screen View" Step no. Result Title 1. None Login to app Expected Result App is successfully login 2. None Navigate to Dashboard menu item Expected Result able to view dashboard - number of activities completed, planned vs. completed Test Configuration: Windows 10

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