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I have on-hold request from Jira SD to SN. Remote payload for hold reason field looks as below.

"11402": {
"id": 11402,
"name": "On hold reason",
"type": "OPTION",
"value": {
"id": "11870",
"sequence": 1,
"value": "Awaiting Change",
"disabled": false,
"childOptions": []

For test purpose, I'm able to save value "Awaiting Change" in SN INC description field:

incident.description = replica.customFields."11402"?.value?.value

but I cannot save it in incident.hold_reason field.

We made decision to have incident.hold_reason="Hold from Jira" always if on hold state comes from Jira.

I have tried below option:

if (remoteStatusName == "On Hold"){
incident.hold_reason = nodeHelper.getOption("Hold from Jira")}

but got error. It seems that getOption is not available in incoming script in SN.

Additionally hold_reason field is integer type, below are values definition for hold reason in SN.

In Jira hold reason is a text field

How to solve the issue ?

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