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I'm looking for some guidance on the groovy code for syncing ServiceNow Work notes (which are not visible to the customer) to Jira Servicedesk internal comments (also not visible to the customer).

We'd sync normal comments as normal, but whenever a work note is added in SNOW, it should become an internal comment in Jira. If an internal comment is created in Jira, it should become a work note in SNOW.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards


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      Hi Jorden,

      The work notes are distinguished from normal (customer visible) comment with the comment.internal attribute.

      When true - it is a work note.

      When applying the worknote on the service desk, the note should be an internal comment.
      (I assume you are on Jira On Premise (Server/Datacenter))
      Make sure that the customer request type is set correctly, else the logic to set the internal status on the JSD ticket will (probably) not work

      let me know

      1. Jorden Van Bogaert

        Hi Francis

        Thanks for the info! Makes a lot of sense. (big grin)

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