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I am syncing two projects in Jira server (Service Desk and Software) I want to sync the customer request type with a text field.

I am getting a weird text when I try to sync-it, I think it is because the customer request type is a special field and I cannot get the name of the request, I am getting the id. Any help on how to get the name?


replica.customFields."Customer Request Type" = issue.customFields."Customer Request Type"
replica.customFields."18097" = issue.customFields."Customer Request Type" // cf Type of Request


issue.customFields."18097".value= replica.customFields."Customer Request Type"?.value
issue.customFields."Customer Request Type".value= replica.customFields."Customer Request Type"?.value


Customer Request TypeEmpty SearchIncident - Detailed
Type of Requestcat/c7db9d4f-1f92-45e9-ae58-9e7dc60577dfcat/default005
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      Hi Lara LG

      Can you check How to sync Customer request type field in Jira Service Desk in our documentation site?

      1. Lara LG

        Hello Francis,

        I checked your documentation, it works good between customer request types, but not Customer Request Type → Text field.

        The solution of puttying the value of the customer request type in the rules is not good for me, because I would have to update the rules every time they create a new request type. 

        What I had to do was sync Customer Request type with a text field, with Automation for Jira, and then sync that field with exalate. 

        Best Regards

      2. Francis Martens (iDalko)

        That's creative (warning)

        What is the issue for the mapping into a text field - the format of the customer request type (question)

      3. Lara LG

        Customer Request Type is special, and usually causes trouble with any Atlassian app. It does not behave like a custom field. Mapping it to itself, works, but I cannot use that, because I am syncing Service Desk with Jira Software. Jira Software projects cannot show the field customer request type (it appears in the history, but never in the issue).

        So the only solution is to map it against a text field, the issue is the value it syncies is not the name of the customer request type, it synces the id into the text field where in:


        (CAT is the key of the project, and the rest is the ID of the customer request type)

        And I wonder if it is possible to get the value...

        Best Regards

      4. Francis Martens (iDalko)

        Just to be sure - is this cloud or 'on premise'

      5. Asle Kristian Andersen

        Have you tried? :  

        issue.customFields."10117".value = replica.customFields."Request Type".value.requestTypeName

        (10117 is my customField textfield for incoming Request type and named RequesType) 

        the incoming replica payload has: 

        And my customfield is showing this in the ticket: 

        This is however between two cloud Jira Service Desks. 

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