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When an issue is under sync AND an issue link is created (e.g. relates to), then it triggers a sync (as the issue is updated). This is unwanted as there's nothing new to sync in this use case.

How can I disable this 'trigger', so that the issue is not synced when an issue link is created?

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      Normally it shouldn't trigger a message if nothing changed.
      Can you try following approach

      • Create a local connection
      • Add in the incoming sync a 'throw new Exception("Hello")'
      • Start a sync
        This will throw an error
      • Collect the remote replica from the error details (call it replica1)
      • Comment out the exception
      • Resolve and retry the error
      • Uncomment the exception
      • Add an issue link
      • Collect the remote replica again from the error details (call it replica2
      • Compare replica1 and replica2

      Let us know

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