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I would like to know how to keep data formatting (metadata) during transfer DEVAzure <=> JIRA. 

In JIRA we have a very nice format but after transfer in DEVAzure we have a plain text. Same when sending from DEVAzure to JIRA.

Do you know whether is the way to keep the formatting

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      Hi Joanna Kwiatek Tokarz ,

      Markus raised a support ticket for this.  We agreed to continue the discussion on the case  here.
      The problem is a complex one as the description formatting on the ADO needs to be merged with the description formatting on the Jira, and this is not straightforward.

      To be able to find a workaround in a quick way - is it possible to provide some details.
      Is there a need for a bidirectional sync of the description?

      1. Joanna Kwiatek Tokarz


        We need a bidirectional synchronization of the description, just to have the same rights to edit the description in both tools.

        Please find the details below:

        the story created in ADO:

        and this story updated in JIRA:


        Additionally, I am not able to find the attachment (image) from ADO in JIRA in the comment.

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