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We are actually evaluating Exalate for our needs.
Where we want to sync an Customer Jira (Outgoing) with an Internal DEV Jira (Incoming).

So far we are able to create and update Issues from Outgoing into Incoming.

With “Sync Rules” in Incoming like :

        case "ABC Customer":
            issue.projectKey   = "ABC";
        case "EFG Customer":
            issue.projectKey   = "EFG";

What we need more, is to Sync Issues from Outgoing into existing Epics in Incoming ?

Is that feasible ?

Selecting an Epic on the base of a given replica.customFields.Customer

I already saw
But it seems to be about full Epic sync between Outgoing and Incoming.

Thank you, Michael

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    2 answers


      Francis hint with the JQL led me in some other searches: Where I found

      Sync Epic ticket id as Taks's parent


      issue.customFields."Epic Link".value = replica.key;

      where I can replace "replica.key" by a hard-coded Epic Issue key in the Incoming.


      issue.customFields."Epic Link".value = "TEST-123";

      1. Francis Martens (iDalko)

        Is this working?
        Normally the value should be an issue object - or maybe I'm missing something, or this is an improvement that was delivered (smile)

      2. Michael Faessler

        It worked in my tests.

        Creating an Issue on Outgoing did create an Issue on Incoming and did link the new Incoming Issue to given Epic.

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      To help my understanding,

      Whenever a new issue needs to be created, it needs to be added as a story under an existing epic.  There is one epic per customer?

      1. Michael Faessler

        Hello Francis

        Thank you for the reply.

        When a new Issue is created on the Outgoing it should create a new Issue in the Incoming as the Rule in my first post.

        And this new one should be added to an existing Epic into its "Issues in Epic" List.

        I thought to have, in the "Sync Rules", a rule that links Customers to their "Customer-Support-Epics".

        So yes, one Epic per Customer.

        Thanks. Michael

      2. Francis Martens (iDalko)

        So - if there is a way to find the epic (based on some JQL), it would be possible to set the epic link customfield with the result - and that's it.

        Is there a JQL which can identify uniquely the epic?

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