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We are synchronizing the data from the Jira service desk cloud to Service now. So we are done with the connections, system fields mapping and attachments synchronization are working fine. But we are facing issue with the select list and multi-select list custom field values. I am trying to synchronize the data from Service now to Jira cloud and Jira to Service Now bi-directional.

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      Did you check the documentation

      If not sufficient - let us know what exactly you try to set, and we might be able to help out

      1. Mone Dileep Kumar

        Hi Francis Martens (iDalko),

        thanks for your update, I have tried these scripts but it is not working fine. Our requirement is if

        The select list or multi-select is applicable from both end i.e. if from Jira cloud is a single select list then in service now also it is a single select list. This applicable same for multi-select as well.

        So we need this for the bidirectional of Jira cloud and Service now.

        Thanks and Regards

        Mone Dileep Kumar

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