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i have two project in Jira cloud for example Project SD and Project IT .

and i need to call a transition when the replica status== Done and replica.resolution== wrong project

in the project HD.

the info about replicas are of the project IT

i try it creating a mapping status but i have  some error and i think if is possible the next solution:


outgoing sync


incoming sync:

I think if possible to save the status in the constant (Status)

def Status = nodeHelper.getStatus(replica.status?.name)

if ( Status== "Done") {
   if ( == "Wrong Project") {
      workflowHelper.transition (issue, "De-Escalate Issue (Auto)")

   if ( != "Wrong Project") {
      workflowHelper.transition (issue, "Resolve Issue (Auto)")

all the script dont have error but no call the transition
i'm not sure if is ok when i save the status in the constant

if you have some idea o suggestion tell me?


  1. Francis Martens (iDalko)

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1 answer


    The reason why there is no transition is because the getStatus is a status object and not the name of the status

    If you adapt the code to

    def status = nodeHelper.getStatus(replica.status?.name)
    if (status?.name == "Done") 

    It will work.

    Note also that you might as well do

    if (replica.status?.name == "Done") 

    Because the name of the status returned by getStatus is the same

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