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I have 2 instances for example instansce A is jira cloud and Instancia B is jira server try to sync the resolution i use a map of resolution.

i need to to call a post funtion after of the replica resolution is (wrong Project) i try that with the next script but that no funtion .

if (replica.resolution == null && issue.resolution != null) {
// if the remote issue is not resolved, but the local issue is set, then clear 	the local issue resolution

issue.resolution = null

def WR = nodeHelper.getResolution( 

if (replica.resolution != null) {
// the remote issue is resolved, but the local isn't - look up the correct local resolution object.

def resolutionMap = [

"Done" : "Done",
"Done" :"Fixed",
"Cannot Reproduce":"Cannot Reproduce",
"Won't Do" :"Won't Do",
"Won't Fix" :"Won't Do" ,
"Wrong Project" :"Won't Do"


// use 'done' as resolution if the remote resolution is not found
def targetResolutionName = resolutionMap[] ?: "Done"

// nodeHelper.getResolution looks up the local resolution object based on the provided name
issue.resolution = nodeHelper.getResolution(targetResolutionName)


if(issue.resolution == "Won't Do" && replica.resolution== "Wrong Project" ){
  workflowHelper.transition(issue, "Resolve Issue")

if you have some recomendation tell me ?

  1. Juan Grases

    So the resolution is set but the transition is not performed? Or nothing is happening at all?

  2. Andrey Miranda

    Not is working nothing 

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