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Good Morning all,

Our setup for Jira Service Desk currently uses an internal and external Jira instance for security purposes with Exalate between them to sync issues. We have configured most of the desired sync settings however one is consistently causing me issues.

The internal portal is accessed by Agents, whereas the external is customers only. The value causing issues is Approvals, or Past Approvals. If a customer approves an issue of type "Service Request with Approvals" in the external portal, it shows against that issue a new field "Past Approvals" and lists any previous approval steps, the result and the user who did it. Running Postman using the Service Desk REST API to find the value of the Approvals custom field I can see it stores the past approval information in this (with a list of approvers and their decisions).

However, if I try to sync this using exalate,  using any version of solutions found at, the internal portal value for the field becomes null after approval, and does not display past approvals. It just moves to the new status. The value is correct prior to the approval event occurring, with a list of the approvers all showing pending.

I've also tried triggering the workflow transition if the status change is Waiting for Approval to Work in Progress, this has the same result.

I checked the value Exalate gives for the custom field, however this doesn't list the users, just the outcome.

I have also tried importing either the HTML Builder class or the Approvals class to obtain the values I need other ways, but Exalate cannot resolve either set of classes that I need.

Does anyone have an existing method to sync this information? If not, I'll likely end up with a workflow step to store the information in it's own custom field/comment and sync that instead of using the inbuilt fields, but would prefer to avoid this if at all possible.

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      Are both instances on premise?

      1. Jonathon Irwin

        Yes, both instances are on-premises Jira.

      2. Francis Martens (iDalko)

        I found following article on the Atlassian community

        It shows how to retrieve the approverslist using a query.
        I tried the approach - independently from the exalate, but the com.atlassian.servicedesk.api is not found

        Do you have an idea what jar should contain this api?

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