My requirement is quite simple, I want to sync the children when their parent is updated to status "B", even if the children themselves aren't updated to status "B".

I need this because when my boss moves a parent ticket on his board, he wants to see it synced to another board, and he also wants to see its children tickets along with it.

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      Hi Henry,

      We actually have a very convenient way of doing what you're looking for in Jira Cloud, you can add the following to your Outgoing sync:

          def subTaskKey = new com.exalate.basic.domain.BasicIssueKey(it.id, it.key)

      so if the parent is synced, it will look for it's sub-tasks and sync them as well 

      Best regards,


      1. Henry

        Hi André,

        Will this trigger the connected ones?


        1. Parent ticket P has one child C1
        2. update P, trigger the code above, sync C1 to destination board, named "C1-sync-first"
        3. Add new child C2 to P
        4. update P, trigger the code above, sync C2 to destination board, named "C2-sync"
        5. Will C1 be sync again to the destination board, named "C1-sync-again"?
        6. If so, what does "C1-sync-first" connect to?
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