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Is it possible to (only) sync comments based on a condition?

Our usecase is to sync comments when the Resolution = Won't Fix (or Won't Do)

  1. Francis Martens (iDalko)

    What comments do you want to sync - The whole thread or specific comments while the issue is in status "won't fix"

  2. Berry Kersten

    Francis Martens (iDalko) only the specific comment that is made on the "Closed screen" when setting the resolution.

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1 answer


    Ha - the thing is that it is hard to know what the comments is/was the moment that the issue gets closed

    You can iterate through the issue  history to find the right group and the corresponding comment (scratch head)

    An alternative is to add a custom field

    'Closing remarks', and sync that as a normal custom field.

    Would that work?

    1. Berry Kersten

      Yes, that is a good alternative solution that works. Thx

    2. Francis Martens (iDalko)

      Would you mind tagging this as an answer - thanks

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