We are currently setting up a new sync. Both jira nodes are onpremise. We were ready to start syncing the sprints. We followed this guideline: https://docs.exalate.com/docs/jira-on-premise-d0267c9-how-to-sync-sprints
"To start the synchronization of a sprint you need to create a trigger and select the sprint entity type. Sprints are synced after they are created or updated."

We have set up the trigger accordingly. You can simply select sprint and the connection. We didn't activate the trigger, but we ran the bulk sync function for this trigger.

The problem afterwards is that all sprints of the Jira instance and not just those of the Jira Project stored in the connection run on a null pointer option. An attempt to fix this using bulk unexalate has no effect.

Likewise, commenting out the location for sprints in the outgoing script didn't help.

Since we don't necessarily need the sprint information at the destination, we would like to simply "solve" the sync errors.

// Ensure that the Epic is synced first, such that stories sent later can be associated to the right epic

//def boardIds = ["1921"] //Boards which sprints will get synced def boardIds = ["1921", "80", "130", "144"] 
//if(entityType == "sprint" && boardIds.find{it == sprint.originBoardId}){
//    replica.name = sprint.name
//    replica.goal = sprint.goal
//    replica.state = sprint.state
//    replica.startDate = sprint.startDate
//    replica.endDate = sprint.endDate
//    replica.originBoardId = sprint.originBoardId
//else if(entityType == "issue" || entityType == "Bug" || entityType == "Task" || entityType == "Unteraufgabe"){
if(entityType == "issue" || entityType == "Bug" || entityType == "Task" || entityType == "Unteraufgabe"){
   replica.summary = issue.summary
   replica.description = issue.description
   replica.project = issue.project
   replica.type = issue.type

   //replica.customFields."Sprint" = issue.customFields."Sprint"

   replica.key            = issue.key
   replica.type           = issue.type 
   replica.summary        = issue.summary
   replica.description    = issue.description
   replica.labels         = issue.labels
   replica.comments       = issue.comments
   replica.resolution     = issue.resolution 
   replica.status         = issue.status
   replica.priority       = issue.priority
   replica.attachments    = issue.attachments
   replica.project        = issue.project
   replica.parentId 	   = issue.parentId
   replica.customFields."12287" = issue.customFields."12287"
   replica.fixVersions = issue.fixVersions
   replica.affectedVersions = issue.affectedVersions
   replica.customFields."Story-Punkte" = issue.customFields."Story-Punkte"

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      Hi Thilo Baier,

      Could you create a ticket in our Support Portal so we can help you with this issue? 


      Javier Pozuelo

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