Hi all,

the folder /var/atlassian/application-data/jira/data/exalate in my Jira data center environment is about 1,1TB it contents file like: -rw-r-----  1 jira jira   31957987 Aug  3  2022 con_8-md5_56f2758345c011555ee7b1ff7c67cd38

It's possible to delete the oldest files? Is possible to automatic decrease the dimension of this folder?

Thanks in advance 

  1. Javier Pozuelo

    Hello Francesco,

    I notice my answer was deleted, did the solution I provided work for you?

  2. Francesco Doricchi

    Hi Javier Pozuelo,

    I didn't try your solution yet, I will do it asap.

    Thanks for reply

  3. Javier Pozuelo

    Ok! Let me know how it goes, I will copy my answer here once again just in case you need it:

    "Yes, it is possible to delete the oldest files, which will consequently decrease the size of the folder. However, you should verify that these files are not in use or required for synchronization anymore. You can run the following query, which will select all the files that are currently being used by Exalate, so you can delete everything else that's not selected by the query."


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1 answer


    Hi Javier Pozuelo ,

    I tried the query but the results is this error:

    I tried in my test environment to delete the folder content ad it works without problem, but the test environment is not allowed to reach internet and I cannot test exalate after delete.

    I hope to do the test in the online server once I solved the error in the image.

    Thanks for support

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