I want to impersonate Attachments in Jira Cloud. In other words, I want to substitute attachments' authors with one exact author (not Exalate technical user).
For now, attachments come from Exalate technical user.

I implemented this logic for comments: https://docs.exalate.com/docs/how-to-impersonate-a-comment-in-jira-cloud

Now I need to do the same, but for attachments. But it does not work.

Could you please advise?

  1. Javier Pozuelo

    Hello Valeriia,

    I have a couple of questions. Do you have a connection between two Jira Cloud instances? Attachments don't contain a User unless they are posted as a comment, so can you share an example/screenshot where it shows the attachment and the user you want to impersonate?


    Javier Pozuelo

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