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Sync Epic ticket id as Taks's parent

Hi, We are using Exalate for our Jira server. The sync is between two projects in the same instance. When opening an epic ticket in project A we would like that a task ticket will be opened in project B and that ticket will get the epic ticket number as a parent (epic link) Is it possible? if so, how? Thanks
  1. Francis Martens (iDalko)

    So - if I understand it well.

    The intention is that when an epic is created, a task is automatically added to the epic.

    This should be straightforward - I didn't try the following code - but it should be something like 

    if (firstSync and replica.type?.name == "Epic") {
       issue.projectKey = "B"
       issue.typeName = "Task"
       issue.customFields."Epic Link".value = replica.key
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