Attempts to set an existing drop down status (which is also a list status too) with an incoming value. Zendesk uses numbers for these dropdowns, and need to set the specific state. The following does not work. issue.customFields."360023300132".value = replica.status.name
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      Hi David,

      I had to check for myself because it should be straightforward

      • Added a dropdown 'Mood' to the ticket fields, having a couple of values
      • Added following code to the connection

        issue.customFields."Mood".value = "Happy"
      • Validated it by triggering a sync ... and it worked.

      • Then I tried

        issue.customFields."360005162417".value = "Angry"
      • That worked also ...

      So I'm not sure what the problem is - can you detail it out?

      1. David Oosting

        Hi Francis,

        So I changed the the variable in Zendesk to the following just to see if it would work as you stated:

        issue.customFields."360023300132".value = "Open"

        Although there are no errors, the dropdown value is not set to Open. (see below)

        I also confirmed that the Value name was correct for the Jira Ticket Status.

      2. Francis Martens (Exalate)

        Can you copy the replica.field value into a comment or custom field of type text

        And can you set the field to a fixed value - just to check

      3. David Oosting

        That was one option were were thinking, but have decided to go another way.  We are matching the Jira and Zendesk status values so that Jira can now change the Zendesk ticket status. You can resolve this ticket with no - solution.

      4. Francis Martens (Exalate)


        This is a public Q&A forum. Good that you have found a solution.

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