Hi, I have been trying to concatenate servicenow's description and ad-field in order to send it to Jira. I have tried the following options in the servicenow outgoing script unsuccessfully:

replica.description = issue.description + ' | '+ issue.customFields."correlation_display"


replica.description = issue.description + ' | '+ issue.customKeys."correlation_display"

The payload displays (see null value):

"description":"Prueba SN JIRA con attachment de codigo JS | null

Any idea? 

Thanks in advance, Alejandro Mata

  1. Francis Martens (iDalko)

    Exalate lacks support for the correlation fields (id, display).  Improvement request added.

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1 answer


    Version 4.6.4 of Exalate for ServiceNow has now support for Correlation Id and display.
    (The documentation still needs to be adapted)

    With the new customKeys, correlation id and display can be accessed and synchronized

    As will be shown in the documentation, the way to retrieve these fields from the replica are as below:

    Outgoing sync
    replica.customKeys."correlation_id" = issue.customKeys."correlation_id"
    replica.customKeys."correlation_display" = issue.customKeys."correlation_display"

    To set the field use following code

    Incoming Synnc
    issue.customKeys."correlation_id" = replica.customKeys."correlation_id"
    issue.customKeys."correlation_display" = replica.customKeys."correlation_display"

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